IRKUT Corporation increases possibilities of the Engineering centre named after A.S.Yakovlev which was created and started to work at the end of 2009. The Center creation was due to the growth of works for the МС-21 program and to the necessity of having a full cycle of designing and manufacturing aviation products within the Corporation.

The centre is generated on the basis of the A.S.Yakovlev Design Bureau which has a large experience in the development of aircraft of different types including passenger, combat, combat-trainer and training aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In April – May, 2010 IRKUT has successfully finished forming the necessary documentation base for Engineering centre operation.

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) already handed over the Certificate of the aviation products developer to the IRKUT Corporation. This document gives right to IRKUT to develop civil aviation products of a transport and aerobatic types, including aircraft weighting over 7 tones and having two and more engines. The new document expands the Р-67 certificate dated 2004, which has given IRKUT the right to develop lightweight aircraft.

The IAC handed over to IRKUT the Certificate of approval of civil aviation products manufacturing, which confirms, extends the term and expands the sphere of action of the similar document received by the Corporation in 2007.

Besides, the IAC made the decision to transfer Type Certificates of Yak-42 and Yak-54 planes from the A.S.Yakovlev Design Bureau to IRKUT.

Earlier the Corporation received the certificates on the development, manufacturing and repair of arms and military hardware, as well as the aviation products (including double purpose), which are still relevant.

Thus, the Engineering centre named after A.S.Yakovlev has necessary certifying documents for the development of the aviation products of all categories, including passenger and transport planes of any dimensions.

The structure of the Center includes design bureau, a flight-research and finishing complex, management of the integrated logistical support and other divisions. The centre is headed by the director – the vice-president of Corporation on the development of aviation products Konstantin F. Popovich.

Now the basic efforts of the Center are concentrated on the development of the MC-21 short/mid range airliner family.

While forming a new business unit on the basis of IRKUT, the responsibility of the Engineering centre will include projects which are now conducted by JSC "Ilyushin", JSC "UAC-TA" and other enterprises of branch.

As the President of IRKUT Oleg Demchenko states: «The level of technical equipment, qualification of the personnel and an operational experience makes the Engineering centre named after A.S.Yakovlev one of the leading design bureaus in the Russian aviation industry».

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