Social Responsibility

Irkut Corporation is committed to fulfilling its responsibility towards society through measures such as environment protection, social support to the employees and overall development of the region where it has its units.

Reducing adverse environmental impact in designing new aircraft and organizing production process is among the key goals of the Corporation.

Special attention is paid to reducing environmental impact on Baikal Lake region where the Irkutsk Aviation Plant is located.

Baikal Lake contains 20% of the Earth’s fresh water resources. Together with the Angara River it constitutes the basis of a unique eco-system which requires special protection.

The measures we have taken to preserve the environment of Baikal Lake include:

  •    — introduction of environment friendly technologies;
  •    — continuous monitoring of the volume and composition of industrial emissions and waste waters;
  •    — the most harmful gaseous wastes pass through a sorption-plasma-catalytic treatment unit;
  •    — a new wastewater purification system introducing close-loop technology for re-utilization of water resources.

Irkut Corporation strives to maintain excellent relations with its employees. Enterprise-employee relations are regulated by a contract which fully meets requirements of Russian labour legislation.

The Corporation implements programs aimed at promoting employee health, encouraging a healthy life-style, fostering a good psychological environment, encouraging achievements and maintaining the staff’s social status.

The enterprise gives support to a network of health-improvement, sports and cultural organizations located in Irkutsk and on Baikal Lake.

Irkut Corporation is actively involved in charity activity, targeting public organizations, socially vulnerable groups, educational and cultural/entertainment institutions.

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