Yak-130: Development Prospects

  • Yak-130 trainer has created a global benchmark in its class and possesses unique capabilities for performance enhancement.
  • It is possible to increase combat capabilities and create a light strike aircraft based on the Yak-130.
  • Equipping the aircraft with the in-flight refuelling system and the on-board defence system will open up new possibilities in training and combat deployment.
  • The communications system may be improved by installation of additional radio sets operating in radio networks necessary for the Customer.
  • Installation of up-to-date digital optronic system will ensure round-the-clock operation.
  • The design and avionics of Yak-130 allows extending of the range of weaponry set by  employing advanced missiles engaging the targets beyond the visual range.
  • Installation of the on-board radar will turn Yak-130 into a multifunctional combat system capable of engaging targets in any weather conditions.
  • At Customer’s request, an aircraft with improved flying capabilities can be created on the basis of Yak-130.
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