Yak-130: Combat Capabilities

  • A wide range of weaponry including the high-precision ones enables Yak-130 to engage ground, sea-surface and aerial targets in VFR conditions, and ground targets with known coordinates in VFR and IFR conditions.
  • The total payload on nine external stations is 3,000 kg.
  • The weaponry set includes:
    - R-73E air-to-air missiles with helmet-mounted target designation system;
    - KAB-500Kr smart bombs with TV guidance system;
    - 50, 100, 250, 500 kg aerial bombs;
    - S-8, S-13, S-25 unguided rockets;
    - detachable SNPU-130 pod carrying GSh-23L gun with 120-rounds unit of fire.
  • Yak-130’s open architecture avionics allows employment of advanced weapons of Russian and foreign design.
  • Protection from guided missiles is ensured by two ECM pods with the UV-26 chaff dispensers.
  • The aircraft range may be increased by two PTB-450 drop fuel tanks.
  • An efficient light strike aircraft may be developed on the basis of Yak-130 platform.
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