Yak-130: Any-Fighter Simulation

  • The reprogrammable control system allows changing the stability and controllability characteristics depending on the type of combat aircraft which the trainees are going to fly.
  • Yak-130 ensures all stages of the initial, basic and advanced training programs for fighter pilots.
  • Yak-130 is designed and delivered to Customers as a part of an integrated combat training system. This system also includes the integrated recording system, computer based training equipment, as well as procedural, flight, and specialized simulators.
  • The aircraft flight performance, efficient cockpit information-and-control field, and friendly interface ensure ease of control and gradual transition from simple tasks to complicated ones in the process of training.
  • The aircraft enables training pilots in implementation of spin.
  • Yak-130 may successfully perform training in realistic combat environment with real weaponry employment.
  • In combat training mode, Yak-130 enables simulation of combat weaponry employment against aerial and ground targets.
  • The cost of Yak-130’s flight hour is several times lower than that of two-seat combat trainers performing comparable tasks.
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