Yak-130: New-Generation Aircraft

  • The Yak-130 is the world’s first combat trainer aircraft with aerodynamic configuration and performance in subsonic flight close to those of “4++” and “5” generation combat aircraft.
  • The Yak-130 is essentially a monoplane with an integral aerodynamic configuration which combines the fuselage, wing and all-moving horizontal tail in a single load-carrying system.
  • The developed wing root extensions, adaptive wing in combination with the highly automated fly-by-wire system ensure the controllable flight at angles of attack up to 35 degrees without use of thrust vectoring.
  • A relatively high thrust-to-weight ratio (over 0.6) and moderate wing loading ensure outstanding maneuverability and take-off performance of this combat trainer.
  • The Yak-130 avionics set comprises digital fly-by-wire system, glass cockpit, and digital sighting-and-flight navigation system.
  • The information-and-control field provides pilots with all required information. It is arranged on the basis of three multifunctional coloured 6”x8” LCD’s and head-up display in the front cabin.
  • Yak-130 is the best cost-effective choice for both fighter pilots training and various combat employments in low-intensity conflicts.
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