Su-30МК: Phased Array Radar

  • Su-30МК manufactured by Irkut Corporation is the world’s first exported aircraft equipped with phased-array radar.
  • The radar/sighting system is capable of detecting and tracking of up to 15 aerial targets and attacking four of them at a time.
  • The open architecture of the integrated on-board equipment set allows expanding functional capabilities.
  • The helmet-mounted target designation system, head-up display, multifunctional color LCDs with imagery mixing ability ensures the highest level of situational awareness for the crew.
  • The integrated optronic target-acquisition/navigation system with laser inertial navigation unit and satellite navigation receiver (compatible with GLONASS and NAVSTAR) ensures high accuracy of en-route flight and approach to the target area.
  • The aircraft is capable of automated flight in various conditions including low-altitude flight, in individual or group combat employment against aerial, ground and sea-surface targets.
  • The automatic control system linked with the navigation system ensures en-route flight, target approach, return to airfield and landing approach in the automatic mode.
  • The ability to detect and destroy small-size ground targets is improved by installation of pods with infrared and laser sighting equipment.
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