Su-30МК: The First Super-Maneuverable Fighter

  • Su-30МК manufactured by Irkut Corporation is the first combat aircraft in the world to possess super-maneuverability – the capability to perform unique maneuvers at high angles of attack for securing superiority in close combat and for repelling missile attacks.
  • The Su-30МК aerodynamic configuration is that of a triplane which is unstable in a longitudinal channel. For increasing the lift force and improving maneuverability, the aircraft is equipped with canard panels, which deflect automatically to ensure stable flight at high angles of attack.
  • The Su-30МК horizontal take-off/landing fighter is the world’s first serially-manufactured aircraft to be powered with swiveling-nozzle engines which make it possible to control the thrust vector in pitch and yaw.
  • This is accomplished by differential deflection of two axially symmetrical nozzles of the AL-31FP engines through the angles of up to 15 degrees with the nozzles rotation axes arranged at an angle of 32 degrees relative to each other. Depending on the next maneuver, the nozzles may deflect in synchronism with a horizontal tail unit or independently.
  • The aircraft maneuverability is improved considerably by integral aerodynamic configuration and fly-by-wire control system.
  • In addition to enhancement of combat capabilities, the unique maneuverability of the aircraft improves flight safety considerably.
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